Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Old bag, new bag

I finally (almost) finished my A4 folder bag. I couldn't find anything suitable for a strap so just used the left over piece of ribbon so that I could hang it up. It wouldn't last long with this so I need to either search the shed for something stronger, or made one.
The sad news of the day, is that the bag that Katy made me for Christmas, and I have used every day since then has split on the side. I must admit that there are some occasions when it is packed with so much that I can bearly lift it because of the weight. I tink the only solution is a patch.


  1. Oh noo, I will just have to make you another one! Glad you have a lovely new bag. I think I can probably fix your broken bag, so will being it home with me and see what I can do. xx