Sunday, 17 June 2012

What to do when you can't sleep

I had trouble sleeping last night so took to the sewing room. Unfortunately I had had a good clear out recently and taken most of my fabrics to the shed so just had to make do with what was to hand. By 2.30 I had made a cover for the A4 note pad that was looking very sad and unloved.

I always keep the interfacing in a drawer. There was a metre of grey, oriental script, a few leaves left from the bag I made recently along, and a strip of grey net. Luckily, I keep all my machine embroidery threads in there so grey and red plus a few black beads, there we go.

I had to slip a but of card inside the front flap to stiffen it to match the back where the card on the back of the pad slides into the cover to keep it as a snug fit.

It is going to my alternative work location in Southampton tomorrow and will be travelling to Birmingham on Monday before being taken to its new home in London on Wednesday. Every time I use it, the inside will make me smile.

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  1. Poor you not sleeping :( I am glad you have something pretty to enjoy as a result though.