Saturday, 4 August 2012

A lovely little find

We had to go to Thatcham this morning to take back the pump for the duck pond, which had packed up just a few weeks after being replaced.

While Nick was doing negotations for the replacement, I wandered off to look in the camping shop and found that they had a sale on their Zipit bags. Right at the back were two Colour Case bags, reduced from £7.99 to £1.99.

This is where I have to make an apology to Zipit as I couldn't see the bags for being overwhelmed by the zips and what I could make with them if I deconstructed the bag.  

Recycling and reusing is my excuse. 

I couldn't tear myself away from the TV with the excitement in the Veladrome - another Gold medal for Team GB, GB into the final of the mixed doubles in the tennis and a pile of zips in Old Basing, in a remarkably short time (only one was a world record).


  1. Glad to see I am not the only one who is willing to spend a couple of quid just so I can deconstruct something!

  2. I have started seeing everything in a different way and find myself looking at how easy it would be to take things apart rather than seeing them for what they are. I feel better now.