Saturday, 25 August 2012

All my own work

Inspired by the Applique workshop, I designed a few for myself. It is fantastic fun finding pictures and from them creating a fabric image.

I am going to make some placemats to use outside, when we have some summer, so might back them with some fun contrasting fabric when I quilt them.  Alternatively, plain backing and treat myself to some new fabric for the binding. 

I have my eye on a beautiful Dan Bennett fabric which I think would be great as a wide binding.  Take a look.

I starting thinking all fruit and veg so started with the tomato and lemon.  I have a few more ideas in my head.

I made a coffee and cake to go with the tea and biscuits from the workshop and planning hot chocolate and a latte!

I then got a bit carried away and started on a variety of food.  With the number of scribbles in my notebook, I realise that I was fairly distracted at work last week, no wonder I have so much catching up to do.

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