Monday, 15 October 2012

I love A+ skirts

I bought a lovely A-line skirt pattern from
and with 1.5 metres of Tina Givens fabric - Parrot Perch in Ice.

I now have a fabulous skirt that is incredibly comfortable, will be perfect for summer and winter and makes me smile on the way to work.

Wore it today with a long grey cardigan but also looked good with my black jacket and heels that I change into when I get there.

Made me smile but not sure others knew how to comment.

Many more coming up as it only took 2 hours to make.


  1. It's beautiful you clever thing. I wish I could make clothes, I must give it a good try one day.
    I love this fabric it lends itself really well to a skirt. Would you mind if I borrow a photo from here for a montly make round up post (i'm helping out this month) x

    1. Thank you - it really was easy. Feel free to borrow photo.