Monday, 1 April 2013

It has been a while

It seems like ages since I have had the opportunity to do any sewing, so on our monthly trip to Selsey I took my box with me and made another block.

I am not quite following the pattern as I love this block so much I hve made 3 rather than 1 and am jiggling things round a bit.

The pattern calls for checkerboard spacers but I love this Tula Pink Sea Stripes from the Salt Water collection so much, I thought it would do the job just as well.

This took a full fat quarter so I need to order some more for the other three sections.  I decided it was time to get one part done so that I could at least get some practice at freehand quilting.  I was thinking of freehand around the applique sections and stitch in the ditch on the others with scrolls in the larger areas.

1 comment:

  1. That is looking very nice! Your squares are looking very precise!