Friday, 7 June 2013

Exciting surprise from the postman

I signed up for a subscription to Sew Magazine over a month ago and hadn't received my subscription gift which was an Amy Butler jelly roll.  Unfortunately, they had run out so had to send a substitute.  They must know about my Tula Pink obsessions as the substitute is Quilts from the house of Tula Pink book and three long quarters of fabric.

A fantastic addition to my stash for part 2 and 3  of the Sweet Beans & Green tea quilt.

I have also ordered a couple more Tula Pink:
- Floaties and sinkies in coral
- Dandelion in cream
- Turtle Bay in aqua

and a bit of Birch that I have been trying to resist but it has beaten me
- Forest Friends in cream

I took half an hour out of working from home today to fill 10 bobbins ready to quilt part 1.  Since discovering King Tut threads on the staystitching website, I can't use anything else.  It is brilliant, doesn't split or snap and makes me feel more proficient than I really am.  

I did have to add two packs of needles to my order as well though, No thread snapping but plenty of broken needles as I get carried away and don't notice that I am sewing over a pin.  Must pay more attention.

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