Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have been doing a lot of travelling lately so needed something that was portable to take on the train.   I rediscovered the joy of crochet.

My first was a zebra and it went from there.  He just manages to stand up but is so soft and cute.

 I love the merino wool from Debbie Bliss and the mixed buttons on the cardigan.  Another one done in another colour way, bit bigger and with a hood.   Just the buttons to add and it it will be ready to show.
My latest is a blanket with the left over bits from other projects to add colour to the cream background.  The size will depend on when I run out of cream and when it gets too big to manage on the train without laying it across my fellow travellers.  Very quickly approaching that stage but the disapproving looks I get as we left Birmingham New Street last week.

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