Saturday, 21 April 2012

Berwick Street

Nick was at the wargame show at the Excel centre today so I left him there and explored how to get to Berwick street to take Katy for a birthday outing. The nasty bit is getting from Waterloo to Oxford Circus on the Bakerloo line but from there it is easy. Liberty is just round the corner and Berwick street is a little way up Oxford Street, past M&S 2nd on the left. Although there are a few empty shops there are a few that I think she will love - The Berwick Street Cloth Shop and Borovick looked like the best. They are not huge but should give a good choice. I am most excited about spending lots of time in the fabric department in Liberty though. I had to check out the Cloth Shop and found exactly what I have been looking for to go with the lovely paisley fabric that Katy got me for mothers day. They had the exact colours in plain cotton. I have made some fussy cut squares which I am going to use as the centre and surround with flying geese with the plain fabric as the geese. I have't decided on more rounds after that but will just let it grow.

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