Sunday, 22 April 2012

Flying geese

As the weather changed and stopped me gardening, I decided to start cutting the fabric I bought yesterday. I use the speedy 4 in 1 method so cut 5 inch squares from the plain fabric and 2 3/4 from the patterend (half the large square plus 1/4 inch).
Draw a line diagonally across the small squares, place one at opposite corners of the large square, overlapping, and stitch either side of the line. I assembly line sew all down one side, turn the whole lot around and sew the other side of all the squares.
Once sewn cut along the drawn line giving two triangles.
Press the patterned triangles outwards with the seams all facing the same way
Add another square to each piece and sew either side of the drawn line. Repeat as before, cutting down the line and pressing out.
Cut off all the tags and you have four lovely flying geese from one 5 inch square and four 2 3/4 squares.
... or if you are like me 76 flying geese. All done in a couple of hours.
I also have a box of tags that I cut off but these will go straight into the compost.
The challenge now is to decide on the layout. This is what I am thinking.

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