Monday, 29 October 2012

2 new skirts

The clocks changed yesterday so that means an extra hour sewing.  

I popped to Staystitching on Friday when I was working from home, with a firm decision in my mind which fabric I was going to use for my next skirt.

I came away with one that I hadn't even put on the list.  This is

Concierge - Sunset - Grand Hotel - Jenean Morrison

 This is the skirt I wore to work today.  The colour isn't great in the photo but I think it is now my favourite.  Very corporate too.  Red and White for HSBC and Black & White for firstdirect.

I added pleats to make a tulip hem although it doesn't show  very well in the picture.  I might decide to add pleats at the side as well and add a band around the bottom too.

I made another skirt today while Nick was out swimming.  This is a bit of fabric which was just under 1 metre but adjusting the pattern to bring in the A line and taking 2 inches off the hem, it fit.

It has been in the stash for a while and didn't occur to me that it was Tula Pink as not her usual colours.  The selvedge says it is Nest by Tula Pink for Moda so must be an out of print.

I keep finding bits of fabric that I didn't know I had so really must spend a day in the shed having a good sort out.

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