Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tina Givens Christmas

I felt that I should make some christmas decorations this year, as I refuse to buy more.  After a few days pendering about what would make a perfectv addition, I thought 'cushions'.  This also meant an excuse to visit Pride & Joy and check out the Tina Givens fabric at Staystitching.

I have had my eye on the polar bears for some time so brought home one long quarter of  Polarbear Express - Gold - Starflakes and Glitter - Tina Givens.

Three lovely new Christmassy cushions.

I used the same fabric as the surround for the polar bears to make 2 checker board cushions.  All I have to do now is slipsttitch the openings and go out and by a poinsettia to match.

Happy one month to Christmas day.


  1. They're lovely Janette! I'm in total denial that Christmas is so close, we are completely disorganized!

    1. Phew, it's not just me. This might be as close as I get. It needs to be December before I do any more

  2. Love your cushions, I had to have a little snuggle with one when visiting the other day :) xx