Sunday, 11 November 2012

Vogue 8709

I love Marcy Tilton's patterns and have had Vogue 8709 for some time.  It has her signature huge pockets a lovely full peplum at the back and double collar.

I have some nani iro fabric that I want to use for the peplum but couldn't find any fabric to go with it.  When I visited Pride & Joy on Friday, I found that Staystitching had some lovely fine cotton which I could dye to match.

It tied it a bit too tight so I am going to mix up some more dye and get a fine spray to cover more of the light parts.
Unfortunately, I am back to work tomorrow so it will be next weekend but watch out for the blue handed person next week.

This is Nani Iro - Painting Fuji.  No longer available to buy so rather precious.  I have kept one long quarter for my stash.

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